Wow Courier Hermes – worst delivery company ever?

Dear Hermes,

You are clearly struggling, this December of 2018. I suggest you, at least temporarily, cease trading until you assess whether: –

a) you can actually run a logistics operation,

b) come to think of it, that’s all!

Your offering is so absolutely awful that nothing short of a clean-slate appraisal of your venture can be even remotely meaningful.

“We Can Handle Any Volume Your Business Needs!”

To any retailers using this company to deliver – shame on you. You have either been hoodwinked by them, or else you were greedy for the lowest price possible. Here’s a lesson – just because it says so on the terms of engagement, doesn’t mean that they will deliver on it.

To those tabloids and politicians who relentlessly attacked the wonderful  Royal Mail with a privatisation agenda – shame on you. At a time when logistics infrastructure is of critical importance to an economy, you handed it over to people who will almost certainly want to race to the standard of Hermes. To the bottom, that is.

Let’s treasure the good things we have, and dump the rubbish.