This blog has no particular purpose other than for me to jot down things so that I want to either remember or share with others.

The domain’s name ‘susa’ came from a quick AltaVista search when looking for a host-name for my first Demon Internet account in the mid 90’s, and has kind of stuck since.

Based on the brevity of this page, I don’t expect to be a prolific blogger.

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  1. hello im trying to get a RFM01-D sensor working with my pi…

    i have revision 2, i already changed 2 lines in the wh1080_rf.c (to port 27) but still it says “device not found” i have 7 cables on my Sensor: SDO, SDI, SCK, SEL, FSK/DATA/nFFS, VDD, GND.

    i hope you can help me

    1. Device not found probably refers to the SPI device not being found. Read the post for instructions on loading the kernel modules to support this. Using dmesg will tell you what port the driver makes available (I forget if this was re-mapped with the various changes the foundation made to get the camera board to work).

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